Before and after shot of our living room. That’s right. Letting it all out, folks.

Another way to put it -
Parents: chaos vs. order
Jackson: order vs. chaos

This is a typical view of our living room after a day in the life of Jackson. I’m not ashamed, damn it. And I’m here to remind other Parents that if your place looks like it has been attacked by a tornado on a daily basis, it’s going to be ok.

It’s one of those things as a new parent where you somehow think you can obsessively clean in the wake of a soon to be one year old, only to realize that your efforts are futile. I finally had to give in, and learn to be one with the chaos.

But once he goes to bed, however, we have gotten really good at reclaiming our space in 20 minutes or less.

Then, when Jackson awakes for the day, we start all over again.